Design and Metallic pattern
Mettallic pattern for wax injection molding to make lost wax mold is made of aluminum, steel etc. and is designed in various way to satisfy a suitable shape.

Injection and Issembling of wax mold
Liquid or semi-solid wax is injected in a various shape out of metallic pattern, or ceramic core or soluble wax can be used to make the shape with undercuts or complicate shape.
Wax tree which is assembled with many wax molds is made for the economic design.

Mold making
The wax tree is immersed into slurry and sprinkled with a molding sand and then the mold is made in the dry chamber having a suitable temperature and humidity.
Through repeating this process over 7 times the mold having requested hardness is made.
Finally we get the mold for casting by removing a wax inside of it with a high temperature and pressure steam.

Casting and after treatment
Plastic mold is boiled over 1000'C for 2 hours
to enhance casting performance and to get a good casting iron product
after casting, cutting, removing gate, surface treatment are made.

Testing and quality control

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